Best practice digital marketing to grow sales & leads

Make sense of the key digital tools and strategies to return on investment.

Created by Simon Smallchua. Last updated, January 2020.

What you'll learn...

  • How to increase online conversions
  • Learn digital marketing best practice 
  • Understand and improve your ROI 
  • Audience targeting
  • Generate inbound traffic
  • Define the key metrics that matter to your business this course

  • Better quality leads & sales
  • Build confidence in using each tool - Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Email Tools, Google Analytics
  • Measure each marketing activity
  • Get comfortable finding data & insights in analytics tools

Course overview

This course includes

4 hrs course material

Helpful resources & articles

Templates for each channel

Hands on training in each tool

Guided by expert facilitator

Course formats

In person workshop (4 hrs)

Remote workshop (Zoom)

On-demand video course

"Harvey’s data analysis gave us a view of our customer we never knew existed, and helped us run a digital campaign to increase repeat purchasers."

Hannah Spilva, Founder, LVLY


Too often, businesses invest time and money in a variety of digital strategies without truly knowing if they are valuable, or how to optimise their investment. It’s possible to know whether digital marketing is generating sales and revenue in addition to visitors and leads. But first, you need to understand analytics platforms, how to integrate them and tag leads / customers the right way.

In this session we’ll share best practices for each tool, and set strategies for your business for each stage of the customer journey, from visitor to subscriber, cart abandoner to qualified lead and customer. We'll help you identify the data to track people through each stage, determine where you have drop-offs, and where to focus your sales and marketing efforts.


  • Funnel, tech, content - what’s possible, easy/hard, impactful
  • Live case studies, showing successful setup of each platform
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, MailChimp, JustUno, Hubspot, Google Optimizely
  • Grow & re-engage your database
  • Grow online sales and qualified leads
  • Measure each marketing activity - visit, lead, purchase, ROI
  • A/B Testing and optimisation: Web, Email, Social
  • Workshop each stage for your business


  1. Establish key metrics for each stage
  2. Be able to track visitors from each channel to leads & sales
  3. Get comfortable finding data & insights in analytics tools (Google Analytics, Email, Facebook, Google Ads)
  4. Templates / best practice for each stage in the funnel
  5. Ideas for new ways to capture leads / subscribers
  6. Integrate key tools to run tests and track results
  7. Define your testing plan to optimise your channels

Who this course is for

  • Owners / founders
  • Internal marketing
  • Team leaders
  • Marketing contractors
  • Business strategists

You're working in a business selling or generating leads online. You’re getting visitors, but you think you could be getting more leads, conversions or database growth. You feel a little overwhelmed by all the tools out there and want to know what data actually matters the most to improve and optimise current campaigns. You're working in a B2B or B2C with engagement through website, social and email.

You're busy, have little or no budget and can't engage an expert agency (or afford the time to become an expert in each channel) so want to tackle this yourself, and quickly. You want action, not theory!


  • You are working on an existing or new business
  • The business delivers positive impact in some way
  • Little or no digital or data experience
  • You want to improve the performance of your marketing
  • You’ve been trying a little or don’t know where to start
  • Want to learn how to use key marketing tools
  • You want ideas to improve conversions and revenue

Upcoming workshops

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Group video workshop



Ideal for anyone outside Melbourne/Sydney.

(Max 8 people)

  • Pre-workshop homework & assessment
  • 4 hr practical workshop over Zoom
  • Hands on training in each tool
  • Guided by expert facilitator
  • Templates for each channel
  • Resources & articles

Upcoming workshops

23rd March, Zoom Video

In-person workshop



Workshop your business in a group.

(Max 8 people)

  • Pre-workshop homework & assessment
  • 4 hr practical workshop
  • Hands on training in each tool
  • Guided by expert facilitator
  • Templates for each channel
  • Resources & articles

Upcoming dates

Melbourne 12th Mar, 9am-1pm

Sydney 16th Mar, 9am-1pm

Private workshop



1:1 session tailored to your specific needs.


Get in touch and we'll arrange a time that works for you.

Minimum student numbers

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Workshop spaces limited

To provide the optimal learning experience we limit workshop sizes, so more time can be spent on your business, while giving you the opportunity to learn from others.

Lead Facilitator

Simon Smallchua, Founder

Simon has worked in technology and communications since he started building apps and websites as a developer at 19. He went on to lead teams and technology for companies in Australia and the US, experiencing firsthand what works, what doesn’t and how the real-world application of technology will make or break it’s usefulness.

He’s run technology and marketing strategy teams, advising the biggest brands in the country, as well as managed and implemented smaller teams of 2-50. He’s won numerous national and international awards, presented at TED in Brazil and is a passionate believer in the power of business as a force for good.

He has a no-nonsense and relatable approach, and people have a tendency to leave his sessions feeling clear, informed and empowered to apply learnings to their team. He’s passionate about the details of technology, but more focused on the humans using it, ensuring it can make their lives better.

Facilitator profile

  • Digital, ecommerce & technology leader
  • 18 yrs advising with ASX 100 brands and start-ups
  • Data & digital strategy
  • Travel, automotive, retail, FMCG, charity, social enterprise
  • Founded several successful start-ups
  • Previous roles: Global CMO, Led-team of 35 digital strategists, founded first company at 19 yrs

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