Hi, we're Harvey.

We help conscious* businesses grow.

*Our clients are allies of people and planet, positively impacting one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3 Ways We Can Help

What you’re doing is important. Let’s clarify your business vision, setup your marketing strategy or get hands-on with your marketing - all to get your business where you want it to be.

Set your Vision and Roadmap

This is the part where we get to the core of why you exist; what got you into this crazy business? We help you define your company’s essence and where you want to be in five years. The roadmap gives you clear and tangible directions to achieving your purpose and bottom line results. 

Define Your Marketing Strategy

We set strategies to help you reach your goals. From high level marketing and brand strategy to content and digital, every stage is an actionable task on your roadmap to where you want to be. Budgets are clear, people are excited (we hope!) and everyone knows who is doing what.

Your Hands-On Marketing Director

We’re here to action your marketing strategy as you need. Campaigns, partners, content, digital optimisation, reporting, mentoring your team - we help you get it done. This is all about execution and delivering action, either within a set timeline or an ongoing weekly commitment to your business.

We Work With Businesses Who Improve The World

We spend a lot of time thinking about ways we can help create a sustainable future for our planet and the people on it. Businesses have the power to be a constructive or destructive force, which is the reason we’re selective about who we work with. By helping conscious businesses grow, we can help them increase their impact.

So when taking on a client, we assess whether they contribute to one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If they’re destructive on any goal we won’t work with them. Simple.

If they’re making real change for good we offer a low-bono rate, investing additional time into their business.

A few of our clients

We exist to unlock the potential of the new economy to leave behind a better world  


Over 84% of our clients impact

the UN's SDGs.


We donate 29% of our time

to conscious businesses 


We donate 5% of revenue to

regenerating the environment.

We're certified B Corp as of August 20, 2020. (Read more)

Our journey to being a more conscious business

We're hoping conscious leaders will use their businesses for good - so we've shared our little story on our purpose, 5 easier and 5 harder things we changed and how we became a B Corp.


Annual Impact Report #1

Today we're sharing the results of our first year in business. We unpack how we went across 6 areas: mission, suppliers, bank, clients, performance & giving.

Beck & Simon | 7 min read | 20th February 2020

Some recent projects



Inbound Digital Marketing

“Harvey helped us develop our team and genuinely take things to the next level. Since implementing our new inbound strategy we have reached 500,000 of our target market with 1.8 million ad views and have paved the way to a new measurable positive ROI strategy into the future.”

Ben Jefferies, CEO, ATEC

We helped ATEC* with inbound marketing to reach farmers across Cambodia and Bangladesh to promote their Biodigester, a system that turns organic waste into clean energy and organic fertiliser.

Customer research, content, Facebook ads, lead flow, website, optimisation, team coaching


B Lab Australia

& New Zealand

Marketing Strategy

& Campaign Management

“Becky and Simon became part of our team and really worked from within to create something new for us, and in so doing took the time to learn about our business. This empathetic approach was crucial in ensuring the campaign delivered for us.”

Andrew Davies, CEO, B Lab ANZ

We set the strategy and ran a national campaign "B Corp Month" for B Lab, the nonprofit supporting businesses that are a force for good.

Annual marketing strategy, campaign management, messaging, digital, PR, creative, video, media & agency management.


Kids Co.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

"Harvey feel like a natural extension to our team. They helped crystallise our vision, got to the heart of our customer needs with a and gave us clear marketing focuses whilst building capability within our team and ourselves as leaders. Becky and Simon truly are the A team!"

Adrian Rokman & Laynton Allan, Co-Founders, Kids Co.

We rallied Kids Co to deliver more school holiday programs to working parents by setting a vision, brand strategy and marketing plan to grow.

Brand and marketing strategy, team and executive coaching


Jaunt - Electric Vehicles for Adventure

Crowdfunding Campaign

“Harvey managed our crowdfunding campaign which got us 60M national coverage, funding and now we're making our first 7 cars!”

Dave Budge, Co-Founder Jaunt

We ran a crowdfunding campaign for Jaunt, which raised enough funding to get their revolutionary electric cars into production.

Crowdfunding campaign, messaging, content, digital, video, website & agency management.


OORR - Performance Wear for the Planet

Product Launch - eCom & Campaign

“Before Harvey, my business was basically going nowhere. They helped give my brand the messaging it needed to move forward”

 Tim Christian, Founder, OORR

When OORR said they needed a campaign to take their recycled apparel to the next level, we cycled over at speed. We set and managed a range launch strategy to drive online sales for a pre-order.

Brand & marketing strategy, content, Shopify redesign, email, Facebook & search marketing. 


The Environmental Series

In February, we moderated a panel at Pause Fest discussing how businesses can take a lead on addressing the global climate crisis. And if 2020 has taught us anything - it’s that we need to be talking about this stuff more than ever.

So, we caught up with our Pause Fest panellists and delved a little deeper into how their businesses thrive while looking after the planet at the same time. We also asked them for advice on how business owners can lead the way when it comes to environmental change.

15 Jun 2020

5 Aug 2020

28 Sep 2020


"My passion for business for good began in my uni days, when I created a social enterprise program supporting people experiencing homelessness and went next level in 2015 when I landed my dream marketing role at Thankyou."



"I got my first taste for business at age nine, when I started growing and selling apricots in my backyard. I went on to lead teams, code, data science, digital and strategy for Australian government, local and global brands. "



"I'm the boss around here. When I'm not in meetings you'll find me at local parks soaking up fresh air and networking with the big dogs. Yes, I have tragic dog parents who named their business after me. Not complaining."




Harvey Academy

Looking to develop your capability or execute internally? Our 4 hour workshops take a lean approach to brand, impact, digital & workflow tools. You'll walk away with practical tips and step-by-step action plans to evolve your business.


We'd love to learn more about your world.

What are your objectives? Where do you need help?

What's your impact on the world?

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and play and we pay our respects to elders past, present & future.


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